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last night // this morning

last night 

I thought I could sleep through anything. I've slept through abrasive fire alarms, house-shaking thunderstorms, and probably many other things I can't list because I was asleep.

But last night, outside of my apartment, someone's guttural wails dove into my dreamworld and ripped me from it. "WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUuuuuuuCK?!" the person yelled, holding the last word for so long that its pitch jumped up at the end, before being cut off by a need for oxygen. After a few minutes, a deep male voice finally responded, "What's wrong?" but he was only answered by more cries of "Fuuuuuuck!" A woman asked, "What's the matter?" and the same thing happened.

The cries were so disturbing, unlike anything I've ever heard outside of movies -- and even in movies the cries are inevitably a bit more controlled, or at least expected. But I didn't do anything. I couldn't see anyone out the window. I assumed the person was strung out on some drug, or maybe coming down from one. But they were cries of potential suffering, and I just stayed frozen in my bed, wishing the person would shut up. 

I turned on my AC to drown him out. I guess I chose to leave the wailing man's fate in the hands of the souls who fruitlessly tried to answer his calls.

At what point are you complicit in something simply by virtue of not being deaf?


this morning

This morning around 8:00 am, four or five people were stabbed with scissors by an apparently deranged man in Riverside Park. This morning around 8:45 am, I went running in Riverside Park. The stabbings occurred around 63rd Street and I stopped at 79th, but.

I can't shake the haunting feeling that these two events might have been related.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

new artist roundup for september playlists. gimme a sweater, man!

Pale vV

Apparently shrouded in mystery and definitely impossible to download illegally (props to SoundCloud for doing work to kinda save the music industry... or at least to stem youtube-to-mp3 conversions), this duo from London has my favorite blend of eerie 80's inspired synth with strong vocals. I always think back to Phil Collins solo stuff or Genesis.

I'm also not sure where the "vV" part comes in or out because in some places they seem to refer to themselves just as "Pale." Regardless, they're most active on their Facebook so check 'em out there for word on new singles. And shows if you're blessed to live in Paris or London.


This trio from NYC (yeah!) just apparently played a free show at the Ace Hotel and I'm upset I didn't discover them a week earlier. What a mistake! "Coffins" is gorgeous and reminds me of some other bands I can't put my finger on (which is good for them because then I'm pre-disposed to like it but I can't pinpoint who it feels like they're copying).

Also my cat just bobbed his head to the tune of this song which he's never done before so I think that means something.

Half Moon Run 

Canadians who remind me of Fleet Foxes and by proxy, America. That should be enough of a reason to listen.

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double take: virginia woolf vs. millie from freaks & geeks

are they not the EXACT SAME PERSON?

(i spelled virginia wrong but by the time i noticed it, my free photoshop trial ran out. so annoying)

i called because i just need to feel you on the line

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Is it significant that Jason Collins and Frank Ocean, each the first to publicly come out in his respective field/industry, are both black?  Do these men have more to overcome as members of multiple minority groups, or are they stronger and perhaps better equipped to thrive in today's society?  Either way, they both are great men, great role models, and poets (Frank more than Collins, but that's the nature of his career/talent).

Monday, February 4, 2013

Michael Carson Paintings

Because I mindlessly obsess over the same trendy cultural artifacts as everyone else, I love reading about Girls.

I love the illustrations they pick for Emily Nussbaum's TV criticisms - they are artistic renderings of actors/TV characters with whom we are already quite familiar and have existing relationships. It's a bit like seeing a painting of a friend, or maybe even yourself. By this I mean that I think characters on TV are my friends, and sometimes I pretend they are myself.

This painting by Michael Carson is so beautiful (despite maybe slimming Hannah a bit) I had to find more of his work before skimming even the first line of the article. His art lies in flux between modern and vintage, and the women look like pin-up girls of our time - reflective, somber, and stylish, embodying the waify look of the 90's that lives on in 2013.

If only I had the money to collect art...


"Man in Jacket"


"Yellow Blues"


"Tan Lines"

The best, if only for its title: "What"

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this! a million times, this!

J. Crew "Holiday Style"

I would wear with black or leopard flats ... not a huge fan of red. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Problems with "Liberal Arts"

  • Josh Radnor doesn't know how to play any character other than Ted Mosby.  Furthermore, Ted's most annoying habits (intellectual pretentiousness, attributing too much "meaning" to only slightly significant moments, general bland-ness) are magnified in the "Jesse Fisher" character.
  • The film doesn't trust the audience to come to the "right" conclusions.  It doesn't trust us to get the message of a scene, so it explains said message over and over in every way possible.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Knew You Were Trouble

I need to break this song apart and figure out why it's so catchy.

Preliminary identification of components:
  • Max Martin
  • Just enough dubstep to grab you but not annoy you
  • Weird vocal tricks that make the song feel fresh but then start to sound normal (see: Beyonce's "Halo")
Listen to "I Knew You Were Trouble" on Jon Ali's Blog (my main music source for 5 years and counting)

I'm going to embark on a huge research project about Max Martin.  I need to find out everything about him.  How can you have your finger on the pulse of the entire pop music world?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

PLAYLIST - Week of September 10

Mix of cappuccino-sipping music and a couple energizing songs for when the weather accidentally goes back up to 80 degrees for a day or two. Weird week.

  1.  Lights - Living in Another World (Produced by Darkstars)
  2. The Lumineers - Stubborn Love
  3. Kanye West - Clique (Feat. Big Sean & Jay-Z)*
  4. Hoodie Allen - Feel The Love
  5. Felix Cartal - Tonight (Feat. Maja Ivarsson from The Sounds)
  6. tUnE-yArDs - Powa
  7. Cat Power - Ruin
  8. Theophilus London - Morning Kisses
*Best practice for listening is to replay "Clique" after each song in this list.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Currently Reading:

The House That Hova Built - Zadie Smith

"But asking why rappers always talk about their stuff is like asking why Milton is forever listing the attributes of heavenly armies. Because boasting is a formal condition of the epic form."
 - Zadie Smith on Jay-Z

The Brothers Karamazov - Fyodor Dostoevksy

"'You're not wicked,' Alyosha said with a smile. 'You're just twisted.'"

Thoughts and reflections to follow.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It had something to do with the miserably weary split-up and my feeling that everything was dead.

Words: Jack Kerouac

 Via @NataliaKills' Twitter

Via @NataliaKills' Twitter

Friday, September 7, 2012

black smoking slippers with embroidered skulls

Seeing your dream shoe at an affordable price but your foot NOT fitting into it is like a flying unicorn running alongside you and saying, "Hey! Do you want a ride up into the sky to see the magic and wonder of the world from a new perspective?" and then just as you are about to climb on, the unicorn says, "PSYCHE!" and flies off without you, cackling.